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Cheap Calling to India

There are many popular and cheap options to call India.

Option 1: Sim cards from cheap international call networks like and provide 1p/min calls to India and most asian countries, but make sure you keep renewing this 1p/min deal by sending a special sms code to them every 30 days – details can be found on their website

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Option 2: Checkout Cheap International Calls with (1p/min for India,No Connection charge, Vat Included) for a local UK no for ur international destination. Their Android App is also pretty good. No need to save destination numbers beforehand, using the App you can call any Indian number anytime without setting it up first at localphone website.

Option 3: Call your family or offshore business office in India Unlimited If You Have Broadband Connection (128 kbps+) in Indian Family Home/office for £6.99 Per Month Only.
For unlimited calls to One fixed internet-enabled house  backhome using the following method. click here to order
Here is How it works, In Simple words
1) You get a Vonage Box and a UK landline No. (0207, 0208, 0203) assigned to it.
2) You plugin the Vonage Box to any broadband connection/router (in India or anywhere you want to call a lot)
3) You connect a normal home touchtone phone to Vonage Box. That phone becomes the Assigned Vonage UK Landline No.
4) Now, whoever calls that Assigned Vonage UK (0207, 0208, 0203) landline No, will reach the Vonage Box and the TouchTone Phone at the receving end.
5) You can also use that normal touchtone phone to call any UK Landline Number for unlimited time. It doesn’t matter if that touchphone and Vonage Box is not in UK. It can be anywhere. All you need there is a Broadband Connection (256Kbps +). So You can Travel with you Vonage Box and stay in touch with your friends in U.K..
6) Add £2 to ur plan and call U.S. and Canada Unlimited too. If ur Bros/Cuzs/Family is scattered in UK/U.S./Canada then Its best to send a Vonage Box back home so your parents and Indian family can call all of you in UK, US, Canada for Free. This Can save a lot of money in international family calls.
7) Plus Free Vonage to Vonage Calls.

Option 4:  Calls to India are cheap or cheaper than localphone (Good voice quality)


If you need to find the international access code for a country, click here.
To find out STD code of any City In India Click Here