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The easiest Kodi and TVMC installation guide


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The easiest Kodi and TVMC installation guide

This is a simple guide for my friends to help them install Kodi/TVMC so they can watch latest movies, old classic movies, end less movies and TV Series, live TV etc on their desktop, mobile/tablet and HD LCD TV (smart or not).  With Kodi installed and preconfigured it is possible to stream Sky Sports, BT sports, Sky Movies and more premium content for free. Furthermore, Freeview HD comes installed so it is possible to watch TV with any monitor or TV in your house without a tv aerial socket nearby. Popular Apps/Addons to help you watch unlimited movies and TV are 1Channel,  Cartoon HD, Cartoon HD Extra, Genesis, FilmOn, Playbox HD, SALTS, Icefilms,  iVue TV guide, NaviX, Phoenix, Showbox, Sports Devil, UK Turks, Vdubt25, Vevo, Yify Movies, Zeus Video, Genesis, Mutts Nuts

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Small Intro: Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free software which helps you watch streaming movies which other people have uploaded on megaupload kind of servers. Streaming is legally safe. Downloading torrents is not legally safe. Kodi is an open source software, supported by a community of hundreds of developers, a legal software & app which is available on Google Playstore as well. This is not same as downloading movies or torrents (like bittorrent, utorrent, popcorn movies etc) and is comparatively legally safe. TVMC is a customised version of KODI and comes pre-installed with most popular 5-6 video apps to search and watch movies. TVMC is recommended for beginners who don’t want to learn how to setup video Add-ons on Kodi and can be happy with just pre-installed few hand picked apps/add-ons. Later on when you get addicted to TVMC (a version of kodi) or Kodi itself, to get access to more movies (e.g. desi movies from desitvforum, desirulez addons), you can eventually one day learn how to install addons in Kodi which is pretty simple process actually. Its one time learning and you won’t forget it easily. When you are ready to learn addon/apps installation, following two links (provided in note below) will help you a lot.
Note: Two addon repositories you must add to Kodi to get most popular addons 

From where to download TVMC/Kodi:

  1. Download Kodi TVMC For Laptop (you can connect to TV via HDMI cable):
  2. download TVMC for windows from here
  3. Kodi from here:
    To control your laptop from your mobile phone you can download this free unified remote desktop software and mobile app.

Download Kodi TVMC For Android Phone/Tablet:

  1. TVMC: or direct from
  2. Kodi

Download Kodi Remote Apps For Android Phone/Tablet:

  1. kodi remote, yatse remote
  2. To control some rokchip based kodi on android boxes before the kodi starts
  3. To allow remote control apps to control your kodi installation, follow these steps:-
  •  Go to SYSTEM>SYSTEM INFO>SUMMARY and make a note of the IP address displayed at the top as you may need this later if app can’t find your kodi installation on your wifi
  • Come out of above mentioned screen back to the home page and then choose SYSTEM > SERVICES > WEBSERVER. Scroll to the right and select ‘Allow Control of KODI via HTTP’. You don’t need to provide a password but if you provide, it is more secure.
  • now open the YATSE or KORE remote app on your android phone/tablet. It will scan wifi and find the Kodi installation. If not then there will be option to manually provide the IP of kodi installation. Thats it. Connect and have loads of fun. Type in app’s keyboard to make searches for movies.

Download Google Playstore/Gmail, Kodi TVMC to Amazon Fire Tablet, Fire Stick or Fire TV Device:

To control some rokchip based kodi on android boxes TVMC:
Google Play/Gmail –

Note: If you are using dedicated Kodi on android set-top boxes or kodi on amazon fire stick then couple of remote control apps (kodi remote, yatse remote) in phone can make your life so easier. You will however need to switch on upnp etc in Kodi and setup a username/pwd to remotely access kodi from a remote control app. There is also a RK Remote Control app which can be used to control android boxes running kodi (if box isusing rokchip chips)

How to find and play most wanted movies (and subtitles)..

  1. under videos section – you will see the thumbnail of most popular movie streaming apps- genesis is my fav one as it looks like netflix – in genesis there are many categories..”in theatre” ones are usually in-theatre recordings of recently release movies rest are all nice DVD/HD prints – with right click options like movie information. synopsis, trailer, starcast etc everything
  2. Oscar winning movies have their own separate listings, latest and most popular and most voted movies have own listings
  3. After genesis, S.A.L.T , movies4to, icefilms are the pre-installed cool apps in TVMC. Between all these 4 apps, there might be 20000+ movies and new ones being added in every day – to last a life-time 🙂
  4. When playing movie, there is a button on right hand side to download subtitles from services like or addon services, but you first need to add kodi’s subtitle addon repository from kodi’s repository (system -> addons -> subtitles) and these two services apps from with in there. You can always adjust subtitles or audio’s sync with movie for seconds lagging or running ahead scenarios.

If you want to stream your Kodi/TVMC from Android phone/tablet to your TV using chromecast, without the compulsion of HDMI cable then follow these instructions

  1. Download ES Flie manage of you don’t have it already
  2. then download and install Localcast for chromcast/DLNA App here:
  3. Download this playercorefactory.xml file straight in your tablet/phone by opening this link on tablet/phone’s web browser:
  4. Now inside ES File Explorer Settings->Display Settings->enable “show hidden files”. After that using ES file explorer Copy already downloaded playcorefactory.xml file to sdcard0 or sdcard01 folder location (for TVMC): /Android/data/ag.tvaddons.xbmc/files/­.x­bmc/userdata/ . Thats it.
  5. Restart Kodi/TVMC – Now this point onwards if you play movies within TVMC, it will automatically start localcast and will try to stream that movie to chromecast/DLNA TV. Note: Most DLNA Tvs won’t be able to play the streaming link directly, so you will need chromecast (mandatory) in most cases. Localcast also supports subtitles from (you will need to register on this website)
    Two highly respected guides about Kodi

Kodi not working?
Note: If above steps don’t work, try changing your router or if you are using a VPN connection then shut it down and try to close other apps in the background. If you are a BT Broadband customer you may need switch smart hub off on your BT home hub to gain full access to Kodi.

Note: It’s not KODI which is providing movies, its the same people who used to upload torrents, but for kodi they upload whole movies to free streaming servers from megaupload etc. Main difference is kodi is legally safe as it streams movies, does not download torrents to your local systems. And some kodi apps like “genesis” feel & behave so much like netflix. Within Genesis, “In theatre” movies will also be available as cam-corder copies as their Bluerays/DVDs not out yet hence no point in expecting HD qualities. Rest all others can be HD qualities, Best part is netflix type UI (star cast, rating,popularity, trailers) + sources of many sub titles (e.g and hand picked best resolution movies by server admins who maintain those servers/services we stream from – so no more hunting for torrents online, downloading the bad ones and finding they are empty or infected by FBI to trace you and punish you by court fines. The best way to use kodi like a movie buff is – not chase only new movies.. go to, find out some readymade lists made by other people matching your tastes/interests or genre you are interested to watch any particular evening. Then go to kodi – open apps like genesis,, icefilms, Phoenix (my order of preference) , search for those gem of movies and watch them along with subtitles if you want to. This blog can help you find many new & relevant Add-ons/Apps –

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