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Virus Protection -Protection : After Your PC – LAPTOP got Infected

1. Disable System Restore and Re -Enable it after step 3. (That is if you know about what is System Restore- If you don’t, don’t worry too much about it. Proceed Anyway)
2. Clean your temporary files. Usually in C:\\Windows\Temp.
3. Schedule a boot time scanning with Avast AntiVirus with Archive(Zip files)Scanning turned on. If Avast does not detect it, you can try DrWeb CureIT! instead.
4. Use SUPERantispyware, MBAM or Spyware Terminator to scan for spywares and trojans. If any infection is detected, better and safer is send the file to Quarantine than to simple delete than.
5. Test your machine with anti-rootkit applications. I suggest avast! antirootkit or Trend Micro RootkitBuster.
6. If still in doubt and worry, Make a HijackThis log to post here or, better, submit the RunScanner log to on-line analysis.
7. Immunize your system with SpywareBlaster or Windows Advanced Care.
8. Check if you have insecure applications with Secunia Software Inspector.(MUST..MUST…MUST..Do It Right now)

Note Contd From Top: Nothing is 100% safe online or offline. When you use your credit card to pay for petrol on petrol pump (or at a grocery store), usually a CCTV is recording what your PIN is (If you don’t hide it with your hand)… and rest of the details on the magnetic strip of card can be easily copied from 10-100Mts away. Most of the credit cards get CLONED on Grocery Shops or Petrol Pumps and usually the owners are not aware of it. (Only way to prevent this is Always HIDE your PIN With your Hand, doesn’t matter how awkward it looks) And you can (in most cases) NEVER trace where it was CLONED. You will only realise, when you see fraudulent transactions on your Credit card statement. Report it to the Credit Card Provider immediately so that they can cancel the CARD with immediate effect. Usually by LAW(UK) you are protected against such fraudlulent use of your card. so You shoudn’t be made responsible to pay penny for the fraudlulent transactions if you report them in time.

USE a Credit Card always inplace of Debit Card if you can. All Credit Cards come with Fraud Protection (BY LAW) where you don’t have to pay for any fraudulant transactions if Its Not your fault (You fault like writing the PIN on a paper and keeping it in Purse and then loose the Cards in the Purse and Pin all together). The moment you write your PIN Anywhere and if It can be proved in court, you are not Protected for any losses.

Credit cards usually come with many Intrinsic Benefits-Promises (Always Always read the booklet which comes with the CARD) which most ppl don’t USE or are not AWARE OF… like… Purchase Protection, Price Promise, 1yr free Insurance on electrical goods (On top of 1 yr standard warranty), Travel Insurance, UnEmployment Insurance.. etc etc