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House Move Tips

House Move Tips:-

1a) Register yourself on voter’s list ( and with a local GP (Free Healthcare Doctor) (find nearest surgery/clinic on NHS website) as soon as you move into a new accomodation.

1b) If you are the sole occupier or have a non-earning spouse then you can get 15-25% council-tax discount if you apply for it in writing at your local council office.
1c) When you move houses In UK, you can take advantage of Royal Mail Redirection (roughly £5/month). This facility will automatically redirect all your post from old address to new address. You can even apply Online for it at You will never miss that important bank/creditcard statement or your visa papers from homeoffice 🙂
2a) Always take meter readings on the day you move out and move in. Check from your landlord/estate agent about who are the utility (gas, electricity, water) provider companies for the house you are moving in. Its your responsibility to call up utility companies and inform them about your house move. Any laziness here can spoil your credit history later. To find out which utility company provides cheapest gas/electricity in your area try Or
3a) Virgin Media is the best choice for Telephone/Cable TV if they provide fibre-optic (Not services through a Normal BT Telephone Landline) services in your postcode area. Its usually a 12 month contract. Otherwise you can go with SKY TV and Broadband. You will need British Telecom (BT- Telephone Line) for Sky Broadband. Sky & BT both will also require you to sign a 12 Month Contract. For Sky Dish antenna make sure you get the permission from landlord or estate agent in writing.
3b) For Broadband Service comparison check
O2 Broadband is also a very good deal for money if you have a O2 mobile contract!
4) Tesco, ASDA and Wilkinson are considered to be the cheapest Groceries and Home Goods Superstores in UK. However, if you are in london, your local high street will most probably have a 1 Pound shop like (poundland, costcutter, 98p shop etc), where most household things are sold for around £1. These can save you lot of money while settling in a new accomodation.
5) Argos, Index, PRIMARK are some other high street shops famous among general public. They provide quality products like furniture, bed linen, clothes etc for cheap prices along with 30 days money back guarantee.

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