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Guide for International Students

Useful Info for Students

Q:- I am coming to UK to study in XYZ college. How good is XYZ college?
1) Before everything, one should check the UK League Tables also known as Uni Ranking Guides e.g. ( More Ranking Links mentioned below.
2) One should do some google research about XYZ college. Check any blogs or reports about it.
3) Try to find communities for that college on facebook. Try to get in touch with community members on these platforms.
A course search facility is available from the UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) website:
Some very useful advice for International Students is also available here Council for International Student Affairs – General Instructions about Culture shock, Weather etc – Provides information and advice to prospective international students looking forward to study in the UK.

Student Finance Option for International Students

League tables in UK

To judge the quality of a university’s undergraduate course in a particular subject, you can refer to ranking tables. Ranking sites :- – TimesOnline Uni Ranking Guide
Also Checkout : – Highly Recommended Site.
The Guardian newspaper Uni guide (Most Recommended – Tells about course fees and many helpful details): ( to search best mba college with your own assessments)
One common way of ranking is based on the average grades of students entering the university to study the subject (A-levels or Scottish Highers are the exams taken by UK students before going to university). Although they can be useful as general guides, do not place too much importance on the ranking when making your choice. A particular dept of a low ranking Uni can be doing very good in terms of job placements after the course. So try to find out the web forums for that University. Or call their respective depts about placement figures.

The G8 (Best 8 MBA colleges) includes Judge Business School (Cambridge), London Business School, Said Business School (Oxford), Imperial College Business School, Manchester Business School, Lancaster Business School, Warwick Business School and CASS (City University, London).

Tip: There are thousands of college in UK. Don’t waste your time contacting random people on internet about a random college. Only someone who studied at that college can tell you real stuff about that college. Contact the college directly and ask them to put you in touch with some Alumni of that college. Then ask that alumni about his/her experience at that college. Try getting in touch with Students Union Representatives of the college. They are usually the helping kinds. – UK Scholarships

Student Visa for UK Info

VISA Information at UK Govt site –
Official British Govt Site for Online Visa Applications

Common reasons for refusal of student visa:-
1) No evidence of the student possessing funds required for the course
2) Insufficient funds
3) Poor preparation, no sound knowledge of the course applied for
4) Lack of English knowledge
5) Forged documents: Students found with fraudulent documents are banned from applying to any UK varsity for 10 years

Q:- Bringing a wife/husband/civil partner and children to the UK?

Q:- Working while studying? / Working when your studies have ended?

Find you way to work – International Students: Working in the UK 2007-08 PDF Guide

Some very useful links
* specific advice for International Students
* a checklist of things to do before you leave home
* recognising and coping with culture shock
* a glossary of words and phrases in the UK education system Interactive Map of UK’s UNIs And Reputed Colleges Along with addresses MAP of all UK Universities – List of All Colleges In UK

Big Q:- How to Find out which course to do and from which university?
Ans:- There is no simple Answer. Everyone has different requirements. You will have to do your own research using links provided here. One Good link is

UKCISA provide guidance notes for students on “Choosing the right course” at:

A helpful blog on the subject is . More on this mentioned below under the section “Find a course!”.

How safe is your university town/city? Click here to find out.

An alternative source of information (aimed mainly at British students) which includes rankings for various non-academic factors is published by Push:

To read comments from other international students about a university, see:

Entry Requirements

International students: an assessment is made based on the qualifications obtained in the student’s own country. In addition, universities also require evidence that the English language skills of international students are good enough. Often students must have a recent IELTS score of at least 6.0, a paper-based TOEFL score of at least 550, or a computer-based TOEFL score of at least 210 (check your university for their requirements).You may be able to take an English course at the university or college before the main course starts (a pre-sessional course).

If you are not in the UK, contact the British Council in your country (see: ttp:// Representatives from UK universities and colleges sometimes travel abroad to meet prospective students at presentations or interviews, or to attend a local “study abroad” or “UK education” fair. The British Council may also organise seminars explaining about choosing a course, applying and living in the UK.

Find a course to study in UK

A course search facility is available from the UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) website: There is a map of university and higher education colleges on the site, and direct links to each of their websites. There is a guide for international students at: UKCISA provide guidance notes for students on “Choosing the right course” at:

The following sources may also help you to find a university course: Education Opportunities in UK for International Students
HERO include a “university finder” at
Hobsons produce a guide “Study UK” at
Study Choice: contains information about courses at UK universities and other institutions.
Hot Courses provide a directory of courses at: This includes a section of information for international students.
Exploiting online courses to achieve career advancement (Risk Management)
Online Courses from MIT
SII – Investment and Finance Certifications
UKCISA provide guidance notes for students on “Choosing the right course” at:

A lot of very useful info about courses for students can be found here

Students should keep in mind that they can very well earn back their course fees by working part-time within legal permissions. There are many temp jobs available in London. Minimum pay rate in London is £5.50/hr. Best way to get a temp job is ask your friends or simply walk down to a nearest high street (where most shops of a town are located) and ask/apply in each shop.

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