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NRIs Returning to India

Returning to India? Worried about TAX n All ? read this Click Here.

Take a note of the few important details and benefits. To make the best of your time here is the useful info:-

1) NRIs in UK are allowed to VOTE in all elections except a European parliament election for which they need to be UK Citizen.

2) If you are on any work visa ( Work Permit/ HSMP/ IGS) then your spouse (on spouse visa) can also work in UK without needing a Work Visa.

3) You can apply for Permanent Residence status (Life-term Visa to stay and work in UK) in 5 yrs from your date of entry on a work visa. Student years/Business Visa period don’t count.

4) You can apply for UK Citizenship in 12 months from getting a PR. You will have to attend a ceremony and granted UK Citizenship Certificate. You’ll have to surrender Indian Passport at Indian Embassy and apply for a British passport. You will have to attend an interview at British passport office for Identity Verification. Once you have got British passport you can apply for OCI(Overseas Citizenship of India) which gives you all the rights of a Normal NRI along with a life long Visa to Enter and live in India.